Identify. Prioritize. Decide. Track.

Cooper AI ingests, cleanses, and interprets your data -- customized to your business objectives -- to uncover continuous revenue and profitability enhancing opportunities for the C-Suite.

Meet Cooper.
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Cooper transforms your enterprise data into a powerful tool that continuously tracks the big things going on in your business.

Of course, great decision-making starts with great prioritization. Cooper prioritizes your most important decisions and helps you decide, delegate, or defer. Now you and your team can make great decisions and track progress with full transparency and accountability.

I Get It--Let's Do This
Here are just a few examples of the types of challenges Cooper lives for:
Identifying mission-critical decisions most important to hitting your strategic goals
Balancing revenue vs. EBITDA impact
Calculating the impact of product and customer decisions on other areas of the business
Diversifying risk through proactive actions with vendors

What Cooper does and why it wins.

Cooper elevates your decision-making by reducing the data noise and connecting the dots faster than any human brain can -- or wants to.

Powerful Simplicity
Powerful Simplicity
Cooper offers highly intuitive navigation, following the natural logic of how a business leader solves problems.
Data Center
Data Cleanser
Cooper’s data ingestion engine is continuously learning, so that it cleans and organizes your enterprise data in the most efficient way.
Continuous Evolution
Continuous Evolution
The minute you start to interact with Cooper, it starts to learn. And the more decisions you make, the more Cooper determines how to prioritize and improve your future decisions. Now that’s a win-win.
Employee Success
Employee Success
Objective and equitable recognition of employees is what Cooper lives for (if it was human). Cooper tracks the real contributions of your top decision-makers so you can recognize them – without the typical guesswork.
IT Effectiveness
IT Effectiveness
Cooper uncovers your most urgent IT needs by identifying the data gaps that hinder good decision-making. You’ll be in command of your data in no time with Cooper as your wingman.
Real World Impact
Real World Impact
Cooper is your personal leadership decision board that reports the positive impacts of your decisions, from DEI and ESG to profitability and process improvement.

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Cooper sits on top of your company’s standard primary data systems and utilizes proven methodologies and AI-enablement to synthesize and prioritize data up to its final purpose: the decision point.

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01 Vision
We believe in a world where astonishing amounts of productivity and employee happiness are unlocked by empowering business leaders to make timely, prioritized, and well-informed decisions.
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02 Mission
We will change the world by delivering an interconnected, data-driven system across the business landscape that reduces and eventually eliminates mundane reactive behavior and replaces it with elevated, evolved decision-making.
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We are committed to hyper-accelerating the business world’s progress on diversity and climate impact by evolving business thinking beyond day-to-day surviving to long-term thriving.
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